Edible Flowers

General Information about edible flowers:

Edible flowers are also a new and exciting line for us. In the last few years edible flowers are being used more and more by the restaurant trade and is fast becoming a must on every plate served in up, whether it is quaint little bistro’s or five star restaurants, edible flowers certainly add that finishing touch. Edible can mean a few things. Flowers are used in salads, used as part of the ingredients, or as garnish. Modern day drinks are also getting a distinct flavouring by steeping lavender or rosemary in designer teas and signature cocktail drinks. Or freezer edible flowers in ice cube trays with water to round off any drink. We continue to explore the many options available and are excited to be supplying this niche market.

What flowers are edible?

Pansies, Calendulas, Dianthus, Lavender, Rosemary flowers, Rose petals, Borage, Nasturtium and Fuchsia.