Flowering Bedding Plants

General information about seedling or bedding plants

Whether you have a formally landscaped garden, an English cottage garden, or an indigenous garden, colour always makes for a soul soothing, pop of colour in any garden. Seedlings or bedding plants are very versatile and can be used in large groupings of colour and texture in the garden, be it pastels, or happy vibrant colours. Easy to grow in window boxes, hanging baskets, or garden containers on a patio in smaller suburban gardens. Let your imagination go and use seedlings to edge walkways, colour pockets in rockeries, or garden borders. Our vast range of seedlings will inspire you to create the look you want. Low compact growth, spilling over a beautiful rock, or giving just that little bit of height. There is something for every corner in your garden or patio, no matter how big or small. Have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labour, it is worth it.

Growing tips for Seedlings:

  • Preparation of your flower bed is key. Thoroughly water the area to be planted the day before and add a good layer of compost. Let it sit overnight to slightly dry out before you start working. 
  • When planting seedlings, add superphosphate and bone meal to your flower bed. Like us, seedlings need nutrition to grow in order to give you floral joy.
  • Water well after planting and keep the soil moist in the first couple of days after planting to allow the plants to settle in and then a light morning sprinkling of water every two days or so.
  • Remove and “deadhead” old flowers to encourage more prolific flowering.
  • Important: know your garden. Plant your seedlings in the right position in your garden, know where is full sun, dappled shade or full shade. When planting your new seedlings, refer to the ticket that can be found in your seedling tray and plant them where they will flourish based on their needs.
  • When planting in containers use our Vrone branded Cocopeat potting mix as the coconut fibres retains water and ensures that your soil stays moist to feed the roots. Water when needed.